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SupaScoota Microlite Folding Superlight weight mobility scooter
SupaScoota Microlite folding mobility with a total weight of just 17.9 kgs (39 lbs) including battery and seat, with a carry weight of just 11.9kg (26.2 lbs) with the seat and battery removed, the seat just lifts off and the battery simply unclips, makes is easier to handle and lift in and out of your car perfect companion for your day out.

Thanks to its lightweight qualities, the Micro Lite is easy to lift in and out of your car boot for the times you need it the most.
Simply take off the folding seat & battery, fold the tiller down, and it’s ready to store away.

With a powerful 230W motor that will give you enough power for those essential journeys and the tight turning circle will help you in those busy or narrow places. Simply lift in and out of the car just like a bag of shopping…it’s that light!

It has a lightweight composite aluminium frame, tight turning circle, and single motor which makes it the ideal portable mobility scooter for those busy shopping aisles, high streets, and crowds.


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Product Details

· Length 93cm (36.5")

· Width 50cm (19.7")

· Total Weight 17.9 kgs (39.4 lbs)

· Weight (without seat & battery) 11.8 kgs (26.2 lbs)

· Turning Radius 82cm (32.3")

· Motor output 230W

· Battery (Lithium) 24V 8.7Ah

· Max Speed 4 mph (6 kph)

· Max Range 6.2 miles (10 km) *

· Slope / Grade ability 8 degrees

* The achievable range can be adversely affected by: The weight being carried; the terrain being traversed and the ambient temperature