SupaScoota Spartan Portable folding mobility scooter with a 32 stone weight capacity the only choice for the larger person

The Spartan is ideal for the larger person who is looking for a portable folding travel scooter but doesn’t want to compromise on performance or comfort. SupaScoota’s Spartan provides a level of comfort which is on par with many road class scooters. It has a weight capacity of up to 32 stone and will give you back the opportunity to discover your favourite places once more. Weight capacity of up to 32 stone, added comfort ( seat post suspension) with excellent manoeuvrability. Unconventional and undeniably different the Supascoota Spartan challenges the traditional concept of portable scooter design. Its innovative and unique design will leave you asking why it has taken so long to arrive. Simple observation reveals the quality engineering and functionality so you won’t be left wondering how it works. The Supascoota puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination


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Wheel size (front) 200 x 65mm

Wheel size (rear) 200 x 65mm

Ground clearance 45mm

Weight (without battery) 36.85kg (81lbs)

Weight of seat 10.6kg (23.3lbs)

Max user weight 200kg (32 stone)

Turn radius 980mm

Motor output D2 x 180 Watt

Transmission Worm drive gearbox

Reverse Forward/reverse switch

Brakes Dynamic braking and electromagnetic brake

Battery (SLA) 24V - 15 ah (9.2kg / 20lbs)

Lithium battery 24V / 15ah (4kg / 9lbs) Optional Extra call for pricing

Max speed SLA battery 3.9mph

Slope grade ability 9 degrees max recommended (80kg test)

Travel distance Up to 6.2 miles (with standard SLA battery). Up to 8 miles on optional Lithium battery.

Armrests Padded, flip back, removable. Distance between armrests 45cm or 50cm.

SupaScoota Spartan with seat springs for added comfort

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Turning radius of 980mm

200kg (32 stone) load capacity

Electric Stability control

Folds and locks for transport in under 10 seconds

Long distance travel with optional spare battery

Forward and reverse drive

Automatic electromagnetic safety breaks

Ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength

Lightweight removable battery for easy charging

Portable & compact mobility scooters, designed for comfort and manoeuvrability when either out-and-about or in the comfort of your home. The SupaScoota will make your everyday journeys a real pleasure.