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***Heavy Duty - 39 Stone Weight Capacity***

***Huge Range - 35+ Miles on ONE Charge***


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Product Details

The R9 Mobility Scooter is the Crown Jewel of the 'R' Series Mobility Scooters - Probably the most powerful scooter ever made - this scooter has no direct rivals in hill climbing capabilities.

Tested with a massive 62 stone/400kg weight load it still performs. We have regulated the weight capacity to an impressive 39 stone providing exceptional heavy duty and long distance performance, unlocking endless opportunities to explore and improve your quality of life.

The TGA Breeze S4 is the only Mobility Scooter on the market even slightly comparable to this R9 Mobility Scooter and with the R9's Superior Performance.

More Information

This Mobility Scooter comes equipped with 100 amp batteries, 1400 watt motor and 200 amp controller giving you an OUTSTANDING Range of 35+ miles / 56 km on only ONE full charge. (118 amp battery upgrade available, extending the range to 40 + miles)

The R9 is also equipped with all-round front and rear shock absorbers providing Ultra Soft Suspension, large extra grip wheels/tyres and high ground clearance, this scooter can be used on unpaved roads and moderately rough terrain and over obstacles as high as 5inches (12cm) with ease.

Our design team have extensively liaised with the manufacturer resulting in this stunning and modern class III mobility scooter Fitted with additional:

luxury comfort leather captains seat (reclinable);
bright energy saving lights;
Bluetooth Connectivity;
MP3 and FM Radio;
Dual USB Phone Charging Ports;
Speedometer & Mileometer; and
State of the Art Control Panel Display

This scooter has the same running gear as our Cabin Scooter but without the shell, so makes for a ride like no other! We have no doubts you will be proud to own one!